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Our Shit is Your Food

Everyday, after breakfast, we prepare the food for the slave. One after one we like to take our morning shit on a plate, ready to be eaten for the loser. We love to know that all we eat will be eaten once digested for him. The slaveĀ“s menu is served straight from our assholes.

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Shit on his face

Finally I look at the face of this slave with some satisfaction. How is it possible? Simple: after having completely covered his face with my divine shit! He would like to thank so much … but just can not do it, in fact, besides him covered his face, I filled his mouth with my chocolate.

I shit on the slave

The outside world no longer exists for the slave. Every night he is lying on the floor under a toilet seat listening how the girls talk and laugh while dining. The slave knows that the next morning, once the food is digested in the body of each girl, it will be expelled by her anus over him. He will receive that dinner turned into shit.